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British Composers Project



British Composers Project

Andrews, Baker, Beales, Bullard, Burn, Carcas, Cardew, Chant, Cheneour, Churches, Coleridge, Cutler, Dennis, Devenport, Eato, Fairhurst, Fendrich, Forde, Fowler, Godman, Guy, Henry, Hobbs, Inglis, Kenyon, King, Lamburn, Marcangelo, Mayo, Milstein, Minton, McBirnie, Naftel, Nicholas, O'Neill, Parker, Plowman, Prior, Read, Reynolds, Savaskan, Serter, Shrapnel, Skempton, Smith, Solomons, Steer, Sterling, Stevens, Stevens, Wallfisch, Webb, Weston, White, Whitty, Wickham-Smith, Williams, Wilsmore

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Please e-mail if you would like further information or if you would like to participate.

Would you like to look at musicnow, the British Composers Project host.

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